Sponsor a participant

We have lots of different types of people who come and play in the orchestra. Some can’t read music at all and this is their first experience of playing music. Others have been classically trained. All of our participants work together, learning from each other. We are building a community away from drugs and alcohol and playing together has helped our participants to increase their self esteem, confidence and learn new skills. The orchestra has become a place for participants to share ideas and experiences about recovery and this is the inspiration behind all our music.

What we are doing

  • Building a community away from drugs and alcohol
  • Linking participants to services and encouraging them to join other community groups
  • Developing skills, confidence and self esteem.

How can you help?

  • £5   Pays for teas/coffees and biscuits for rehearsals.
  • £10 Pays for the rehearsal space
  • £20 Pays towards a professional conductor