New Note Orchestra 

New Note Orchestra helps people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. It is the first ‘recovery’ orchestra in the world. 
We help our musicians compose new music, learn skills along the way and be inspired.  Through our public performances we tackle the stigmas surrounding alcoholism and addiction.
Improvisation is at the heart of everything we do and enables us to be inclusive. Anyone can join. We welcome complete beginners who can’t read music through to professional musicians.
NNO creates a community where the players actively support each other. It helps to open up pathways to mainstream opportunities in education, training, work experience and employment. 
Rehearsals are run by an experienced conductor and facilitator. They are inclusive, collaborative, fun and non-judgemental.  They are designed for a mixed ability group as some of our members play by ear and can’t read music. We improvise and jam together and this helps us create some incredible music.  You are welcome to come and watch a session without any obligation to join in.
Where: St Lukes Church, 64 Old Shoreham Road, Brighton, BN1 5DD
Date/ time: Every Tuesday evening 7-9pm (doors open at 6.30pm)
Dogs are more than welcome… 

  • Testimonial
    New Note Orchestra member

    "I look forward to the rehearsals every week and it's great to have something that is creative but recovery based. This has been a huge confidence booster for me".

  • Testimonial
    Beginner - Percussion

    "I've settled in well considering I'm not musically trained and can't read music. I've made some good friends and I'm really enjoying my time here".

  • Testimonial
    New Note Orchestra guitar player

    "The orchestra offers me structure at an uncertain time in my life. I like being with people who have similar experiences to me. It's fun and has given me a sense of belonging and its good to work with other people with other talents".