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Roger and Molly on BBC Sussex The Allison Ferns show.
This is a very moving interview from Roger, one of the founding fathers of New Note Orchestra. He highlights the direct link between drug and alcohol addiction and homelessness. He talks openly about how alcoholism affected him and how he came to Brighton to find help which lead him into recovery. A truly inspiring story – he explains the plight of alcoholics and how they are often misunderstood within the community.

New Note Orchestra won a BBC Community Heroe’s award in Nov 2016. Before the award ceremony Roger and Molly were invited into the BBC to talk with Allison Ferns about NNO.

New Note Orchestra performed ‘Summer’ at their summer concert on  7th August 2016. This piece of music was composed entirely by the orchestra. We spent 10 weeks composing this piece.


‘Winter and Spring’
New Note Orchestra performed these two pieces at their Spring concert on 26th April 2016The performance starts with ‘Winter’ –  ‘Spring’ can be found at 11.05′. The members of the orchestra composed both pieces as a group over 12 weeks. The music was inspired by the artist Cy Twombly  and then the members reflected on their experiences of winter and spring whist in active addiction and recovery. 

This is New Note Orchestra’s first ever performance where they performed ‘Road’ on 15th December 2015. This piece of music is 14 mins long. It was entirely composed by the members of the orchestra. The inspiration came from the musicians experiences of being in active addiction and the steps they took to come into recovery. 

Dan is a member of New Note Orchestra and he performed his poetry at our first concert on the 15th December 2015. Whilst in hospital, Dan wrote some poetry about his addiction to alcohol. Here he gives a fantastic performance – a letter to his addiction.

About us.
A two minute film about Dan, a guitarist and regular member, explaining why he enjoy’s coming to New Note Orchestra rehearsals.

Addicts’ Symphony  – (A four minute synopsis) 
New Note Orchestra was inspired by the TV documentary Addicts’ Symphony which was broadcast on Channel 4 in 2014. 10 participants who were in recovery from drugs and alcohol worked together for two months to put on a concert with the London Symphony Orchestra. It was a phenomenal achievement. If you would like to watch the full documentary CLICK HERE. 

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking HERE