Through our public performances we tackle the stigmas surrounding alcoholism and addiction.

We help our musicians learn new skills, increase confidence and reduce isolation, which are essential ingredients to saying sober.

New Note Orchestra

New Note Orchestra is the first recovery orchestra in the world. Many of the musicians can’t read music. They use the orchestra and its creative process to help with addiction and mental health issues. They have experienced many complex issues including homelessness, social isolation, integration after prison.

What we are doing

  • Building a community away from drugs and alcohol
  • Linking participants to services and encouraging them to join other community groups
  • Developing skills, confidence and self esteem

How you can help

£5 Pays for teas/coffees and biscuits for rehearsals.

£10 Pays for the rehearsal space

£20 Pays towards a professional conductor


Sponsor a Concert

We hold regular concerts throughout the year for both New Note Orchestra and New Note Strummers. We believe that performances are a vital part of what we do.

It gives our musicians a focus to build towards something together. By showcasing the talents of people in recovery we help break down taboos and reduce stigma within our community. Its also damn good fun for the audiences.

Anyone who donates will be included in our concert programmes, unless you want to stay anonymous.

What we are doing

  • Booking venues
  • Providing transport
  • Providing food and drink during rehearsals

How you can help

£10 Goes towards refreshments

£20 Goes towards transport

£50 Goes towards the venues


New Note Strummers

The New Note Strummers is a weekly guitar group for those who have experienced addiction.

Our musicians also have mental health issues, have experienced homelessness, social isolation, prison and are at risk of suicide. Feedback from recent monitoring and evaluation concluded that 75% of clients ‘strongly agreed’ that attending New Note Strummers strengthened their recovery.

What we are doing

  • Showcasing the incredible talents of people who come into recovery
  • Breaking down taboos and stigma around addiction and alcoholism
  • The participants gain a huge sense of achievement

How you can help

£10 Provides refreshments

£20 Pays towards new instruments

£50 Pays for a facilitator


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