New Note Projects is an award winning charity.

We use music and storytelling to help sustain recovery from addiction.

Get involved as a performer or a supporter to help combat addiction in our communities.

How we make a difference

We use music and storytelling to help people sustain their recovery from addiction. The participants have also experienced homelessness, social isolation, poor mental health and are at risk of suicide. We provide a safe space for people to be creative, build their confidence and develop relationships with people away from drugs and alcohol. Creating new music helps our musicians learn new skills and develop cognitive dexterity. Our current retention rate is over 80%.

How we can help

New Note Orchestra is the first recovery orchestra in the world. We are committed to producing quality music. The music is entirely created by the orchestra musicians along with an artistic director. Anyone can join regardless of musical ability. New Note Strummers is a weekly guitar group. Well loved popular songs are learnt every week. Anyone can join regardless of ability. Guitars Save Lives is a yearly event where the New Note Strummers perform alongside special guests.