Sponsor a concert

We hold between 4-6 concerts a year. We believe that performances are a vital part of what we do. It gives our participants a real focus and purpose, building towards something together. By showcasing the varied talents of people in recovery we help break down taboos and reduce stigma within our community. Its also damn good fun for the audiences and the participants.

Anyone who donates will be included in our concert programmes, unless you want to stay anonymous.

What we are doing

  • Showcasing the incredible talents of people who come into recovery
  • Breaking down taboos and stigma around addiction and alcoholism
  • The participants gain a huge sense of achievement

How can you help?

  • £10 Provides refreshments to be sold at a concert.
  • £20 Pays towards a concert venue
  • £50 Pays for a conductor to get the best out of the participants.