Caroline Lucas MP popped into see us

We were thrilled to welcome Caroline Lucas MP for Brighton Pavilion, who popped into our rehearsal on a Tuesday evening. It was great to show her how we jam and compose together, she was the first to hear our new piece ‘Autumn’.

She wrote about us on her blog  – you can read it below:

“On Tuesday I dropped into a New Note Orchestra rehearsal.
They practice at St Luke’s Church in my constituency, so I took the opportunity whilst Parliament is in recess to pay a visit.

I’ve heard such wonderful things about New Note, I wanted to see for myself what they’re currently working on, and to speak to those involved.

The orchestra was set up by Molly Mathieson in 2015. It’s made up of professional and amateur musicians, along with complete beginners, recovering from alcohol or drug addiction.

There’s a real energy about the group, and it was impressive to hear how far they’ve come in just a short space of time. They’ve already composed a number of works and held local performances – with many more concerts planned.

Everyone behind the orchestra, including the musicians themselves, has been drawn to it for their own personal reasons and experience. What is evident and unites them all, is their passion for the project. Music can be an incredibly powerful way to bring people together; and it feels as if something really quite special has been created at the New Note Orchestra.

I look forward to hearing more about future concerts and successes – of which I’m sure there will be many.”

Friday, September 2, 2016 – Caroline Lucas MP.

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